Arne Skovberg (DK)

Arne Skovberg (Denmark) has some super pigeons from our loft! Ao: 6317415-2010 “Son De Gust”: Father to two first prize winners middle distance 6234496-2010 “Daughter Bettini x Abba”: Mother to 2x 1° Prize 5179380-2007 “Daughter Tito”: Mother 1° Section Winner !! 6086190-2009 “Son De Gust”: Father 1° Provincial Rodby 1075 pigeons

Joe Elcoate (UK)

Joe Elcoate (UK) won 1° Prize Final + Ace Pigeon of the “French Young Bird Derby” 2016. This bird was bred by Watson and won 11500£ !! The grandfather of this super bird is 6031703-2013 a direct son of “Bettini” 6146636-2003 x “Grandmother Cow Girl”