Van Oeckel Bart & Nance (BE)

Bart van Oeckel & Nance Loodts bought “6234528-2010” a super daughter of “De Gust” from us (On PIPA). This daughter of “De Gust” seems to be a perfect match for top birds like “Gaston JR.” and “F-16” of the Van Oeckel Family. Producing ao: 1° Provincial Le Mans 505km 15° National Bourges 23854p. for Raf Herbots. 20° Nat. Zone Chateauroux…

Martin Steffl (DE)

Super result by Martin Steffl from Germany. His first 5 birds arriving together there is 1 child and 2 grandchilder of “Tochter Gust”. A direct daughter of our “De Gust” 6087309-2006 and Martin’s best breedin hen the past years.