Sterckx Robbe (BE)

Sterckx Robbe (Geel) has a super racing hen directly from our loft. Same mother also bred the super racer for Janssens Victor & Pieter and another one from the same mother won last week 1° Prize Bourges (33° National) and week before that 5° Vierzon for Comb. Faes-Wils! What a top breeder !

Comb. Faes-Wils (BE-Mol)

Comb. Faes-Wils (Mol) wins 8° + 10° National Zone Limoges 695km against 2550 pigeons with two FANTASTIC pigeons (1° + 2° Nominated !!) ! These pigeons both have mainly our blood in them. Pedigrees are atached! On top of this race they also scored 4 birds in the top 11 on Issoudun 520km and you…