Gebr. Homma (NL)

Gebr. Homma from Friesland won 1st ace pigeon and a 1st prize with a direct bird from our loft. A son of the super breeder “Mr. Gonzales”, a bird we bought for 100 EUR, nobody wanted it, because it had no pedigree. Best buy of my life!

FCI WorldChampion 2020

Today the final results where published and we got a BIG SURPRISE … We are 10th WORLD CHAMPION FCI with 2 prize One Loft Races. It’s a big surprise because this ranking is made as best of 69 different races. We only participated in 6 FCI races. So it’s a very high percentage we score.…

LCB Cover

Our super bird 6065878-2018 is on the front cover of the biggest Belgium magazine. Very nice! 878 also won the biggest ace pigeon tittle of this magazine in 2020, that’s also the reason why it’s on the cover. A special thank you to Hilaire Surinx and his LCB-Team for the nice report of our loft.

Pattaya OLR

Another super performance in Pattaya. We win 9th place in the SEMI-FINAL on 430km! This bird goes to the final race (9th January) as 2° Ace Pigeon Overall ! Amazing performance, knowing the race started with aprox 7000 birds. Hopefully we can put the cherry on the pie next week! Take care !

Bob Lynch (USA)

Exactly 1 year ago we where in Spring Hill (Florida, USA), we had an awsome time there. Saw a bunch of pigeon races, had an auction and met a lot of people. Togetehr with Bob Lynch we watched the race @ Don Hart . Bob bought an inbred son of “New Bettini” from us and…