Agy & Pablo (BE)

Agy & Pablo Verreckt – Deplae from Tessenderlo win two times in a row second provincial with super pigeon “Nance”, an original Van Oeckel Bart & Nance bird, which has our “GUST” line on the mother side in it! Congrats to everybody !!!

Gebr. Homma (NL)

Gebr. Homma from Friesland won 1st ace pigeon and a 1st prize with a direct bird from our loft. A son of the super breeder “Mr. Gonzales”, a bird we bought for 100 EUR, nobody wanted it, because it had no pedigree. Best buy of my life!

Bob Lynch (USA)

Exactly 1 year ago we where in Spring Hill (Florida, USA), we had an awsome time there. Saw a bunch of pigeon races, had an auction and met a lot of people. Togetehr with Bob Lynch we watched the race @ Don Hart . Bob bought an inbred son of “New Bettini” from us and…