Hermans – Bonné (BE)

Again a MASSIVE reference for our loft and “Gust Dynasty” … Hermans-Bonné from Loksbergen basketed 1 pigeon on Limoges and won 1° NATIONAL ZONE B2 !! A fantastic result, especially when you look at the circumstance! A big congrats to them! The bird is directly from our loft “Son Gust” x “Sister Jozefien” … The…

Tom & Ante Platteau (BE)

Tom & Ante Platteau have some real SUPER pigeons directly from our loft. The list is just endless. We published a few results of direct birds from our loft and two pictures of top racers. This must be one of the best references we ever had.

Sterckx Robbe (BE)

Sterckx Robbe (Geel) has a super racing hen directly from our loft. Same mother also bred the super racer for Janssens Victor & Pieter and another one from the same mother won last week 1° Prize Bourges (33° National) and week before that 5° Vierzon for Comb. Faes-Wils! What a top breeder !