Paul Wijns (BE)

6037152-2015 @Paul Wijns 53 – 17250 CHATEARUOUX National 110 – 11223 ARGENTON National 50 – 1633 LA SOUTERRAINE Provincial This bird is a gradchild of “6032837-2012” “Gust’s Best”

Herbots K & K (BE)

Herbots Kobe & Kato bred super pigeon “Jef” from a direct Lemmens Bird 6032661-2012 the nestbrother of Ivo Renders his super breeder 6032660-2012 ! 2199512-2014 “Jef” 1° National KBDB Youth 785 pigeons Bourges 1° Provincial 3420 youngsters Bourges 11° National Bourges 30180 pigeons

Peter Stakenborg (BE)

Peter Stakenborg has build a whole foundation with our “Gust-Blood”, he’s a specialist on Sprint Races, but our blood seems to be fast enough to beat the competition. Most important bird he has from our bloodline is “Olympic Gust”. 5166335-2010 “OLYMPIC GUST” (Peter Stakenborg) 7° National Ace Pigeon Kbdb Sprint 2013 ! 2° Pre-Olympic Pigeon…

Marc Van Haute (BE)

Marc Van Haute, Smetlede has several good birds from our loft. The best one is “Freddy’s Spirit” a super young bird racer who won 8° National Bourges of 18478 youngsters but was also 3° Provincial Ace KBDB 2013 !   “Gipsy” (@ Marc Van Haute) Full Sister “De Gust” 6087309-2006 23 – 362 Toury 32…