GREAT REFERENCES from our friend Ross Vaccaro (CN) Equal 1° of Hoosier Classic 2018 for Taranto Loft 2 is 100% his bloodline and a grandchild of the famous “LADY LEMMENS” !! We are so proud of this! The Hoosier seems to be a one loft race that suits our pigeons.

1° Hoosier Classic 2015
1° Hoosier Classic 2014 (Don Riedel)
Where also both won with our bloodline.

Despite the small number of birds entered in this Hoosier from our bloodline, several lofts had very good results in the bigger trainings and the semi-final. Oa 14° Place of Adl Pigeons & Jbm Hertzog ! As well as the top results of Wonder Loft & Don Riedel. It’s so nice to see people win with our bloodline and being satisfied! Hopefully we can keep this going for years!

Thanks friends!

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