The first national race of 2019 is history. We basketed 100 birds (64 marathon – 36 own line) for this race of 491km out of Vierzon. None of our birds ever flew a provincial or national race before, my own line was in the race to compete, the marathon-birds are in for training (there first race will be Agen 850km). We clocked 2, 7, 9, 12, … 34/100 birds in the prizes. 21/36 of my own birds scored, so I’m very happy with that %! The top prizes could have been better, but when looked at the circumstances I’m more than happy with 12° Provincial of 2093 birds. Now we move from here, see if we can get the birds ready for Bourges next week !

Plus we got some good news, 5° Place in our club was won by Faes-Wils, with a diret bird from our loft, so another nice reference!

And an even better reference is probably … We sold the father of our 12° Provincial winner last year in the SNOWFEST AUCTION! So I hope we get some credit for offering some quality and proven birds in auctions! (The bird is now owned by Donald Lowe Jr.)